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CLN Vale 

Workshop on the Nacala Corridor project, Nampala, Mozambique
CLN Vale contracted Verlinde Cranes & Hoists to supply, supervise, install, test and commission various cranes and hoists for the locomotive and wagon workshop at Nampula, Mozambique. 

This workshop is vital to servicing the 80 locomotives that transport coal along the Nacala Corridor Project, which connects the Moatize coal mine to the port of Nacala. 


  • This was the biggest order received to date, so managing client expectations and achieving overall project success was vital.
  • Managing delivery in a short amount of time.
  • Finding competent subcontractors to meet the required delivery times.

Manitou Group

New Parts Building, Johannesburg, South Africa
To supply supervise, install, test and commission a 10-ton safe working load (SWL) electric overhead travelling crane (EOTC) for Manitou’s new building in Johannesburg, South Africa. The 10-ton Verlinde EOTC will be used help handle and move parts around the new building, which will serve as a holding, maintenance and distribution hub for new parts.


  • The space available for the installation of the crane was limited and Verlinde had to make use of a mobile crane to do so.
  • Delivery was on schedule. 


Project for Randwater, Zuikebosch, Vereeniging
To supply, supervise, install, test and commission a 2.5-ton safe working load (SWL) electric overhead travelling crane (EOTC) on behalf of Eigenbau for Rand Water at Zuikerbosch. The EOTC is part of a waterworks and maintenance section, so it is exposed to moisture. A solution to protect it from corrosion was therefore implemented.


  • The use of an automotive paint supplies (APS) epoxy paint system to protect the girder and end carriages against corrosion.

DRA Black Rock Project

Black Rock Mine, Kathu, Northern Cape
Verlinde Cranes & Hoists serves as an official supplier to the Black Rock Project in Kathu, supplying, supervising, installing, testing and commissioning various types of jib cranes, electric overhead travelling cranes and a variety of Verlinde hoists for this manganese mine. These are used in the extraction process and in the maintenance of mining equipment.


  • Accommodating changing mine-specific health, safety, and environmental specifications.
  • Managing communication with the client and technicians through various channels to ensure project expectations are met.

Senet Kamara Gold Project

Various Hoists, Burkina Faso
Senet contracted Verlinde Cranes & Hoists to supply and deliver various electric wire rope hoists at its Kamara Gold Project in Burkina Faso. The equipment had to withstand the effects of cyanide and a proper solution was implemented to ensure that all units withstood the environment. Nine suitably modified hoists were supplied.


  • A solution for the cyanide work environment.
  • Hoist parts were replaced with stainless steel.
  • The original galvanised rope was changed to a black rope.
  • Transport from the factory to the client site.

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