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EUROSTYLE: A Jib Crane for all Environments

December 07 2017 0comment

EUROSTYLE: A Jib Crane for all Environments

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EUROSTYLE: A range of jib cranes, designed to meet the need for an adaptable lifting solution to cover those hard to reach places in your workshop. As the ideal companion for overhead traveling cranes, the range pairs perfectly with Verlinde’s range of electric and manual hoists.

The range is a low-cost solutions for facilities that service every sector of industry – foundry, boiler plating, mechanical engineering, papermaking and water treatment facilities, to name a few. Designed to meet the needs of the user with a limited workspace, customers can choose from a variety of options:

1.)  Wall Mounted – fitted onto a wall or post, able to service a 180° section over a span up to 8 meters.
2.)  Column Mounted, partial to 360° rotation – totally independent from the building as it is anchored to the ground, allowing service of a work area of up to 360° over a span of up to 12 meters, dependent of the load.
3.)  Templier-Type with an Articulated Arm – allows greater coverage in an area that requires a lifting solution that can work around obstacles. Loads from 50 kg to 1000 kg are moved around effortlessly, almost full circle, over a 2 – 5 meter span.
4.)  H20 Range – A unique and portable aluminium jib crane, ideal for use in water treatment facilities and coastal sites. The range is easily transported and maneuvered by one person and can be dismounted to be moved from one base to another.

In addition, all jib cranes are:
   > Designed in compliance with DIN 15018 standards
   > 2m group classification
   > The jib arm is made of an IPE shaped steel beam, resistant to torsion constraints (fitted with 2 adjustable stops for certain models), or with Eurosystem-type hollow shaped steel or aluminium beams.
   > Temperature rating -10°C to +40°C
   > IP 44 (IP 55 available upon request) protection rating of power supply lines, cutout, etc.
   > Finish: shot-blast frame, primer and yellow finish glossy pain RAL 1028.

Verlinde is synonymous with design ingenuity and innovation in the engineering of lifting equipment and provides customers with options for additional customization on the standard product range already available.

Dealing directly with VERLINDE engineering, our customers benefit from access to customized design and manufacturing:
   - Jib cranes for heights and span that are greater than the standard features.
   - Manual rotation controlled by means of a wheel and endless chain.
   - Jib cranes with 2 beams.
   - Telescopic jib cranes.
   - Stainless steel jib cranes.
   - Explosion-and Spark- proof jib cranes.
   - Electric and manual hoists best adapted to suit the lifting application and environment.

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